Our wedding party

We are two very fortunate people, Jeff and I, to be surrounded by so many special people. Take a moment to get to know the people who will stand up with us on our big day.

Caitlin's attendants
  • Lisa Morra, Maid Of Honor
    Now a Public Relations Specialist, Lisa first made me smile by wearing tinsel on her head during our preschool Christmas party. Continues to do so every day since. Make me smile, that is.
  • Chemagne Doyen, Bridesmaid
    A "Somerset County Teacher of the Year Award"-winning 6th grade teacher, Chemagne was voted "most likely to become a nun" in our 8th grade superlatives. Chemagne is still one of the nicest, most genuine people I know.
  • Kelly Halbert, Bridesmaid
    An accomplished NP and brand new mom, Kelly had the tiresome task of sharing living space with me for 4 years of college. Hailing from the greater Philadelphia area, Kelly can make even the dullest task a laugh riot.
  • Ashley O'Mara, Bridesmaid
    The most creative and respected paralegal in her office, Ashley was my college roommate for 2 years. I like to take credit for introducing her to her now husband. Smart and stylish, Ashley is beautiful inside and out.
  • Danielle Visicaro, Bridesmaid
    A fellow Compliance Manager, I met Danielle shortly after she was viciously attacked by a file cabinet. The perfect blend of Irish and Italian, laughter and warmth is never far when Danielle is around.
Jeffrey's attendants
  • Seth [redacted]¦, Best Man
    My oldest friend, also has been my friend longer than anyone else. Been shaving since his 10th birthday. High school valedictorian, Harvard philosophist, Columbia educator, has been told you can't rent a car in New York and return it in London. Currently shaping young minds as a mathematics instructor. Somehow tricked Elysa into marriage, then into bearing his spawn. Bowls overhand.
  • Christopher Gray, Groomsman
    Whereabouts unknown.
  • Greg Kania, Groomsman
    Newlywed husband to Chemagne (above). Was the first person to use quotation fingers. Has slept in a horse. Once made a marzipan voodoo effigy of the Fonz while in a coma after smoking some Bolivian prayer hash at Sammy Davis Jr's house. Lastly: claims to be the Princess of Canada.
  • Robert O'Mara, Groomsman
    Childhood friend of Caitlin. Husband to Ashley (above). Talented illustrator. Got lumped in with me and her now-husband when Kelly (also above), the first time I met her, happily observed that the three college roommates all "wound up with" us geeks. With Jim Hsieh, held my hand during the 2010 Halbert-Randel GNOTHI SEAUTON hobo fights. A stone cold thug, he eats whatever he kills with his own bare hands -- and he never goes hungry.
  • Brian Lane, Groomsman
    Kind and generous, without guile or spite. Found and fell in with this crowd a few years before me. Football hero, retired to lucrative Accountancy. Knows how he likes his cheese, chicken, and potatoes: fried, with beer.
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